Alan Shamoun established his private practice in architecture in 2001, eventually forming Studio Shamoun Architecture PLLC.  He is a Registerd Architect in New York State.  Alan received his Bachelor of Architecture Degree from Pratt Institute in 1994.  Studio Shamoun’s range of projects encompasses residential, commercial, and hospitality projects, with high-end and environmentally-sensitive design as priorities.

Prior to establishing his firm, Alan obtained extensive experience, and proved to be a valuable Project Manager and designer at world renowned Jeffrey Beers International.  His work there included management and design collaboration on numerous acclaimed and recognized restaurants, a renowned salon and day spa, a nightclub, and a hotel.  Alan gained a vast amount of experience working with teams of equally talented architects, interior designers, craftsmen, and artisans on projects at the firm.

After leaving Jeffrey Beers International, Alan began consulting with Mitchell Koch Architects, which is a small architectural firm focused in high-end design of residential and commercial projects.  Alan and Mitchell blended their diverse experiences to create numerous spectacular projects for their Clients that included infusions of artistic touch and brightness, along with dramatic transformation of space and experience for the Client.  The projects Alan worked on with Mitchell Koch Architects ranged from alterations of Manhattan apartments and townhouses, to suburban residential additions and alterations, to various mid-sized commercial projects.  Alan’s experiences and abilities were expanded with his collaboration with NTA Design Group where he worked on projects such as small sized to large scale commercial interiors, as well as many food service projects.  Through NTA Design Group, he has gained experience working with many different building managers and owners, as well as agencies such as the Port Authority of NY/NJ and the Division of Aviation in Philadelphia.

With all of Studio Shamoun’s projects, Alan works on every aspect, including: programming, space planning, architectural form, interior finishes, and lighting.  Custom designed millwork is a regular part of his work, as well as custom furniture and lighting.  Studio Shamoun is fully capable to work on small as well as large projects, and can coordinate the work of Clients’ specialists.  Alan believes that the success of his projects comes in-part from a close working and individualized relationship between him and each of his Clients, in addition to his intensive, one-on-one attention to each client and project.  Although Mr. Shamoun prides himself on his experience in creating beautiful projects, his greatest pleasure comes from the satisfaction received by his Clients as the end result of their work together.